The house, located in Uga, was built at the beginning of the XX Century, registered in the city census by the Excellency City Hall of Yaiza.

It preserves certain characteristics for which the Department of Historic Land Registry, recognises it as asset of cultural interest.

La Finca Uga® 23, Agachadilla

During several decades, it hosted the only warehouse from Tías to Playa Blanca, based on what the eldest locals tell us. It was named “Los Grandes Almacences” (The Great Warehouses).

Whether acquiring serum or textile products, groceries or petrol, all could be found here.
Currently, the traces left of this unique store, are some measuring tools such as old scales, oil vending devices, etc…
Unfortunately, the wood of the hand crafted shelves had to be removed due to its poor state.
The house was extended in two occasions by the old owners.

An interesting fact is that the space that once stood as the store’s warehouse, has now been converted in one of the rooms dedicated for hostage.

Currently and given its emblematic value, it is continuously maintained and improved.